Metallurgical Systems
Laboratory Information Management System

LIMS Overview

The metallurgical laboratory is a highly valuable source of plant data – data that is often not fully utilised. Metallurgical Systems’ Laboratory Information Management System (MS-LIMS) ensures that laboratory data is able to be recorded, stored and reported with accuracy and ease.

Each system is custom built, using a simple web interface that does not require any additional client-based software.

Easy-to-use web interface

Each MS-LIMS installation has its own custom-built web interface that can be accessed via any browser. This is tailored to suit site specific needs, without any additional software installation. The system is specifically designed for use in process plant laboratories.

Range checking & data validation

MS-LIMS has in-built range checking that highlights outlying data as it is being entered. Lab technicians can then double-check their results and enter comments, prior to it being recorded.

The pre-determined ranges can be set and updated by supervisors or engineers, using a separate log in to the web interface.

‘Submit and Approve’ via exception reports

The MS-LIMS reporting system is based on a two-stage ‘Submit and Approve’ process, where lab data is cross-checked by a supervisor prior to entering the database. This ensures that no incorrect data enters the system.

The ‘Submit and Approve’ process is based on automated exception reports that highlights any data that fell outside its range. This means that the supervisor does not have to review every result, just those that require attention.

Data tracking

MS-LIMS uses Windows Active Directory to record the date and time that every piece of data was entered, as well as the user who entered it. This provides a clear audit trail for every value.

Report to intranet or export data

The entered lab data can be updated immediately in a secure online reporting page. It can also be exported directly to Microsoft Excel.

Connect to primary database

Data entered into the Metallurgical Systems LIMS can integrated directly into the Metallurgical Intelligence® database. It can be cross-checked against solver results, used in calculations and included in reports alongside any other plant data.

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