Metallurgical Systems
Metallurgical Intelligence®


Metallurgical Intelligence® (MI) is an advanced process information system with integrated metallurgical accounting software. Each system is designed from the ground up, to meet the specific needs of your operation.

Plant wide mass & energy balance

Create plant mass balance reports for any element or compound that can be broken down into Year>Quarter>Month>Week>Day>Shift>Hour.

Investigate inventory changes and mass transfer across every vessel and pipeline in your plant.

Track utilisation, availability and efficiency at all levels, from the whole plant right down to individual equipment items.

Single source for all plant information

Plant instrument readings, laboratory results and production figures are all consolidated into a single database. This makes it much easier to collect, maintain and distribute.

MI can also integrate any existing historical data into its databases, ensuring that all plant knowledge is captured.

Detailed site-specific chemistry

Each system is developed to include all site-specific chemistry to allow detailed process parameters to be captured and reported. These parameters often cannot be measured using an instrument or lab assay. Integration into the system ensures the data is calculated and reported daily.

Accurately monitor the efficiency of reactions, the consumption of reagents and the movement of specific elements/compounds throughout the plant.

Continual data validation and cross-checking

MI uses a unique dynamic solver to generate a full mass balance of your plant every two minutes, and reports all calculated data at hourly intervals.

Flow meters and levels are cross-checked across the plant to ensure that all the instruments are reporting within acceptable limits. Any deviation is easily identified when a calculated value diverges from the measured value.

Live plant inventory

MI can record the amount of any element or compound in any part of the plant at any time. This includes final and intermediate products, reagents and impurities.

High performance database

The database architecture used in MI ensures fast access to all plant data. The system can scale from a small work group to a large enterprise while maintaining high levels of performance. Years of data can be accessed in seconds.

Any range of information can be viewed in the customised dashboards or exported directly to any existing format.

Transparent data recording practices

MI protects data integrity by completely automating data transfer from instrument to reports. All input data is subjected to our custom data evaluation tool that identifies any unusual or bias data. Any data that is corrected is shown against the measured and calculated data in the reporting system to ensure complete transparency. This ensures that data integrity is maintained, while simplifying the audit process.

MI has been designed to comply with AMIRA P754 Metal Accounting Code of Practice.

Automated reports and customised visualisations

See your plant data automatically presented in any format, direct from the MI database. Metallurgical Systems can also generate dashboards using Tableau, a superior data visualisation tool.

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