Metallurgical Systems
Advanced Reports & Dashboards


Metallurgical Intelligence® is designed to put data into the hands of those that understand it. It is easy to use and allows users to get answers to their questions and share their results within the organisation.

All levels of reporting

Metallurgical Intelligence® can be used to  generate a full range of reports, from high-level management dashboards to daily plant performance charts, or even detailed technical projects and itemised cost breakdowns. Once set up the reports are updated daily along with all system calculations.

Single reporting database

All Metallurgical Intelligence® reports are developed using a single database, meaning that everyone is looking at the exact same information. The data is structured and auditable so reported data can be tracked all the way to the source.

Any format

Metallurgical Intelligence® can generate its own unique reports as spread sheets, web pages, emails and can even be accessed via a smartphone/tablet application. It can be adapted to fit any existing reporting structures.

Interactive visualisations

Using superior data visualisation technology, Metallurgical Intelligence® is able to create live interactive reports published direct to the web. This allows all users to interrogate the data any way that they like, without having to collate all the data themselves.

Below are two basic examples of what can be done. The first chart allows a user to change the x and y axis using the drop down lists, and highlight and exclude data by selecting individual points or groups of results using the month highlight or by dragging your cursor across the selected data.

The second chart is a basic time series chart that allows users to select the variable of interest using the tick box and the date range using the slider at the base.

Interactive Report Examples